June 28, 2009

Busy Beaver Us

We've been working on several different projects in the parish lately, but the one we're most happy with right now is a new family ministry. It evolved as a response to a week long activity we had last October where families from the community came together to share, have fun and pray. It was an unusual approach here in Chile, where the Catholic Church usually breaks ministries up according to age and gender. Catechism for school children, craft groups for adult women, clubs for the elderly and not much for adult men. The adults of the community really enjoyed the opportunity to come together and share their experiences with other parents, while at the same time sharing quality time with their kids. The mundane routine of work, school and housework often don't leave much space for sharing as a family, getting to know each other better or praying together. So, we hope that this ministry answers to that growing need and helps unify families more with Christ as their center.

The Family Ministry's first event of the year was a special Father's Day lunch. We initially planned for about 50 people, since it's a small community. But, when we washed plates at the end of the day, we realized that we had served 85 meals. It was good to see so many families turn out, and especially great to see so many men... who are especially scarce in the Latin American church. We hope it will be a doorway into more church involvement for men, especially fathers.


Shaun said...

Great idea, I will have to suggest this to our church. It seems very prevalent here also, women seem to be the more active members and it is probably due to exactly what you are pointing out at with this ministry.

On a separate note, these folks sure know how to cook up some meat!

Anna and David said...

You have no idea!