February 24, 2009

Peeping Anna

It's almost 2am here and I'm exhausted as usual.  In case you were wondering, Joshua is still not sleeping through the night. He usually wakes about once an hour... but I digress. The reason I'm up so late this time is that I've been randomly surfing blogs.  It's really fun to hit that "next blog" button at the top of the screen and to land on some random person's life. I've read all about the Putney family and their little son Ryan, seen the most beautiful pastries from Singapore and even checked in on an Argentinean choreographer/dancer/comedic musician.  He has the highest kick I've ever seen... he actually touches his nose with that leg! The fun must end for tonight though and I'm finally off to bed. Tonight is my turn to sleep, as David is taking care of Joshua.  If you have some time, go check out a random blog!

February 22, 2009

I Scream for Ice Cream

This is Joshua's new favorite food. We're beginning to see his angry side, as he never has his fill and always wants more. Is it possible to spoil a baby at 8 months old?

February 19, 2009

Around Town

We think that we live in a pretty cool place. So, we figured we would put a photo on here every once in awhile of all the neat stuff around us.

"Cerro del Dragon"
This big winding sand dune connects coastal Iquique to Alto Hospicio, up in the hills. The locals say that it's a sleeping dragon who will awake some day and swallow up the city.

February 17, 2009


Many may be wondering where we've gone. We've been enjoying summer and with it, not having time to blog.  We got back from our two and a half weeks in Santiago a little worn out. We visited lots of friends and had a great time reconnecting with loved ones.  Everyone loved meeting Joshua, doting on him and loading us up with toys to bring home to Alto Hospicio. Once we got home, we began preparations for a big visit - David's parents!  They arrived about a week ago and have just loved spending time with their first grandson.  Their visit has also given us some time to ourselves. We had our first night out in three months while the grandparents babysat and have been catching up on movies.

Other than having family with us, we're also thanking God for answered prayers.  The young boy who was shot has made a complete and surprising recovery.  He is now home, walking around without a visible scratch.  He came to church last Sunday with his father in order to thank the community for all their prayers.  We told him that he had international prayers coming in as well, and he also thanked all of you for remembering him.  The quickness of his recovery has really been a miracle and he has definitely been touched by the community's support to him and his family.  We're hoping to get him to give a talk at our next youth retreat so that other kids can hear a new perspective on just how precious each gift of life actually is.