May 22, 2010

The Best Present EVER

Joshua is at a stage where he doesn't like anything, he only loves it or HATES it. Guitars are under the love category. But, being as he is so destructive and Anna is so crafty, she decided to forgoe buying him a cheap plastic guitar that would be crushed in a month and made him an even cheaper (but more love-filled) version out of old cereal boxes. He, of course, loved it. So much so that he continued pretend strumming while drinking his milk, and then screamed bloody murder when she tried to take it away at the end of the night. He fell asleep embracing it like his favorite teddy bear and when he awoke the next morning, his first sleepy words were, "ee-tah-uh," which you've probably figured out is baby Spanish for guitar. It was crushed within a week, but oh what a fun week it was.

The Introduction

His best Hendrix impression.

The nighttime embrace.


Dan and Meri Diamond said...

Loved it! You guys know how to make your readers laugh aloud. Joshua: I am very impressed with your mom's hand-crafting skills...she is going to have to teach me the trick to make cools guitars out of cereal boxes. It's a great idea...low cost, great times. You guys should probably patent that invention.
Love, Meri

stephanie garcia said...

Wow, you are talented! I can see why Joshua was so impressed!

Anna and David said...

Thank you for being impressed. However, it was more boredom than skill.

Nana said...

How adorable Anna.....I LOVE THIS POST. That guitar is wonderful...these are things you will refer back to many, many, many years from now...sooooo special! ; )
Maudie Ashley