June 11, 2010

Look Who's Two

Joshua's birthday was a week ago on June 3rd. Kids' parties here are a big deal. They involve at least two cakes (one for the party and one to send home with guests), meals for both the kids and their accompanying adults, the traditional piƱata, balloon animals, clowns, inflatable bouncy castles.... We just couldn't do it. We wanted to invite a couple of kids his age over for cake, but then we knew we would offend the rest of the neighborhood by not inviting them. So, we opted for the tradition in both of our families - a made-at-home cake, a couple of presents and a song after dinner. Joshua was delighted with the results. Every day after lunch now, he asks, "Mas torta? Mas velas?" (More cake? More candles?). Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa R. he is now enjoying a non-cardboard guitar and driving us CRAZY with the noise.

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stephanie garcia said...

I so understand! We really owed Isabel a birthday party since hers always feel in summertime in the States and we never had a chance to do anything really special. So we put something together this year here in Iquique but it was a lot of work! Happy (belated) Birthday to your little guy. :)