January 25, 2011


We arrived to the U.S. last Saturday. Joshua was pretty good during the flight, and even slept about 5 of the 8 hours. We've been spending this week with David's family and will be spending next week with Anna's family. Joshua has really enjoyed having so much family around. David's family even threw him a birthday party. It had an Elmo theme and the toy trucks abounded. He was thrilled and he'll probably expect a birthday every month now.

It's a little strange to be back. The coins feel lighter. We're already gaining weight from eating all the foods we've been missing. The t.v. shows are pretty ridiculous... Is "From G's to Gents" a real show that people actually watch?

We're not any closer to figuring out what we want to do with our lives, but the Graco Nautilus is working out pretty well for us. So, that give us some hope for the future.


zilamonster said...

Welcome back! Good to see your car seat's success is intrinsically linked to your future ;-)

Sarah said...

Welcome home, Anna, David, and Joshua! Excited for you as this new chapter starts. And, no, that G-show is not real or something people watch, lol... at least, I've never heard of it.