December 4, 2008

We See the Light

Thank goodness, the light is emerging.  Since the last distress filled post, Joshua got a little better and then got sick again.  We switched from the young, arrogant doctor to an old, experienced doctor and are much happier with his wisdom.  The old doctor says that he's really impressed with Joshua's weight gain (3 lbs in just one month!).  Other than the lingering bronchitis, he reported that our little one is in good health. We also had our first home visit from SENAME yesterday since taking over his care. We're actually not legally his parents yet.  We have provisory care (like foster parents) until January 15th.  We cleaned the house for the first time in a month in preparation for this visit... no easy task.  Apparently, that cute little puppy can unload a carload of hair.  And, "the little vacuum cleaner that could" really impressed.  Thanks everyone, for all of your encouragement and advice.  It helps to know that we're not alone.  In other news, Joshua discovered his feet.

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