November 24, 2008

Overwhelmed (Anna)

Oh man, is this hard. We haven't yet finished our first week as a happy family and we've already experienced a baby with bronchitis, a flu-ridden mommy and daddy taking care of the sick baby and a cut in electricity that was later found to be the verge of an electrical fire.  Not to mention the givens of scarce sleep and no time to cook for ourselves, basing my survival on rice and coffee.  I knew that bringing a baby into our home would change things, but I never realized how quickly it all happens.  On Wednesday we were a couple and on Thursday we were parents.  We took Joshua in to the doctor on Friday and were then sent to take x-rays, to the kinesiologist and to the pharmacy for a list of torturous remedies that cause no end of screaming.  We've mumbled through the endless inhalers, temperature taking and antibiotic doses, but today, while watching the kinesiologist push on Joshua's chest, causing him to cry and flail, thus coughing and spitting up all the phlegm caught in his chest, I just lost it.  I broke into tears right there in the doctor's office and couldn't be consoled.  All the emotion of these four short yet life-changing days came crashing down on me.  Like most cries, it served its purpose and I feel a lot better now.

As I took the liberty of soaking three paper towels with tears, the kinesiologist assured us that Joshua would soon be better and also informed us that his daily treatments would be free.  He said that we were doing "a good thing" and that he wanted to help.  A neighbor last night let us in on the decongestive secret of saline nasal spray - something that apparently everyone but us already knew about.  And most importantly of all, we really love this kid.  Despite not being able to breath and feeling lousy from the bronchitis, he's usually smiling.  He loves to play and to be held.  He's fascinated with his own hands, as if surprised that he can actually manipulate and control them and has taken to touching my face or playing with my hair while I feed him.  I'm so thankful to finally have him home and realize now that it was none too soon.  Before he arrived, he lived through a harrowing birth, two bouts of bronchitis, a hernia and surgery to fix the hernia.  He may be little, but he's a fighter.  And he really loves life.  Despite being overwhelmed, I know things will get easier, but I'm a little curious as to just how many tears I'll shed during our lives together.


Anonymous said...

You can pretty much count on a lot of tears, yours and his. But if you're doing it right, some of them will be happy tears.

There is no real way to prepare for kids. You just have to get up every morning and do the best you can.

Hang in there, it does get easier. :) Kiss Joshua for us!

Columban Missionary Blog said...

Anna -- It gets better/easier. Even biological parents go from two to three in a day which is overwhelming. Saline nasal spray is wonderful. Do you have a vaporizer? And, yes, coffee is still my favorite food group. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Annie, I went through the same with Brandon, and that was the third one. Some suggestions would be , put a pillow on your lap, place Joshua face down, head lower than butt, cup your hands and pound on his back. not hard but firm. this will help get all that mucous in his chest moving out so he can cough it out. Be ready with a bulb suction to help him clear it. Another suggestion is you sit with him in the bathroom and run your shower/bathtub water hot, let the steam build up and that will help loosen the junk in his lungs up.(and the side benefits is the great skin treatment you get) I hope these tips help. I definately aggree with the humidifier, if you can get that and some vapo-steam(by vicks) run it while he sleeps it will help. I'm so pround of you and we are praying for you both, you'll be a pro in no time! Love you both. Diana

stephanie garcia said...

You are doing great. Most new parents do not have to cope with all that you in such a short while, so tears and well-warranted and well-deserved! Joshua sounds like a precious, precious boy.

Anonymous said...

anita! cuantas cosas han pasado en tan poco tiempo!

no me digas como, pero logre entender lo que escribiste (la magia de internet)

pero queria dejarte mis felicidades y espero que la familia valla creciendo mas y mas... traiganlo a santiago que queremos conocerlo!