January 14, 2009

Here Today, Gone Tomorow

We can't believe how fast it has gone. Anna's mom boarded a plane out of Chile two days ago and we're still getting used to the empty space left in the house.  We had a great time with her, although it seems like she spent more time as a nanny than as a tourist.  The baby's health didn't allow for us to make many excursions. We missed the beautiful salt flats high up in the Andes mountains, the oasis town with natural hot water springs and the quaint coastal fishing village with lots of historical interest. She's going to have to come back again next year, when Joshua's older and we're better at this parenting thing.  We appreciated the help though and we were able catch up on some much needed sleep.  We already miss her, but are glad that she made it home safely and is there to take care of Anna's dad, who has had some medical problems lately. Here are some photos of her visit and the places we did manage to show her:

Joshua shows Grandma how a big boy eats... or refuses to eat.

We made it to an old salt mining town called Humberstone, which we're sure has real ghosts (future posts with orb photos to come).

Santa showed up a day late for Daddy.  Here he is with his new Wii Fit, teaching Joshua all about rhythm.

The family took a hike up into the sand dunes to watch the sunset. We were also acompanied by two neighbor kids who agreed to take the photo.

A neighbor family who invited us over for lunch on New Year's Day.  They're just one of the many families that we've befriended while here in Alto Hospicio, and were very excited to meet Anna's mom and practice their English.

The coast of Iquique.

Joshua's reaction when we got in the car on the way home from the airport and Grandma wasn't at his side.  He'll miss you Grandma!

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Just Jac said...

How cool your mom came to visit! That baby is some amazing and your pictures are awesome, glad to see you had a blast!
(Marcy's little sister)