January 24, 2009

Summer Getaway

We're a week into our vacation in Santiago and it has been very refreshing.  Generally, we're not too fond of this big city where smog and crowds abound.  However, it has been great to get back to so many friends and loved ones.  Joshua had his first plane ride, during which he behaved very well and enjoyed his first taste of bread sticks.  We went straight from the airport to the Columban Center House, where all of the missionaries (priests and lay) gather each Monday for lunch.  We were greeted by a mob of happy cooers and gigglers.  The housekeeper quickly stole Josh away to show him off to the kitchen staff.  It was about half an hour before we could pry him back from her and introduce him to Tata (great grandfather) Hugo, the oldest priest member of the region.  Joshua liked him a lot, especially his finger, which he immediately shoved in his mouth.  He also met Matilda, his almost two year old peer, who is the daughter of another lay missionary couple.  Matilda pointed and smiled while practicing his name and Joshua laughed and tried to pull her hair every time she passed close by.  It was a nice way to start our week and we've continued the good fortune with Joshua sleeping through the night every night this week. We think it's probably sheer exhaustion from meeting so many new people, but we'll take it!  We haven't heard any news about our neighbor's son in the hospital, but are continuing to pray. Thanks to all of those who are praying with us.

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