February 17, 2009


Many may be wondering where we've gone. We've been enjoying summer and with it, not having time to blog.  We got back from our two and a half weeks in Santiago a little worn out. We visited lots of friends and had a great time reconnecting with loved ones.  Everyone loved meeting Joshua, doting on him and loading us up with toys to bring home to Alto Hospicio. Once we got home, we began preparations for a big visit - David's parents!  They arrived about a week ago and have just loved spending time with their first grandson.  Their visit has also given us some time to ourselves. We had our first night out in three months while the grandparents babysat and have been catching up on movies.

Other than having family with us, we're also thanking God for answered prayers.  The young boy who was shot has made a complete and surprising recovery.  He is now home, walking around without a visible scratch.  He came to church last Sunday with his father in order to thank the community for all their prayers.  We told him that he had international prayers coming in as well, and he also thanked all of you for remembering him.  The quickness of his recovery has really been a miracle and he has definitely been touched by the community's support to him and his family.  We're hoping to get him to give a talk at our next youth retreat so that other kids can hear a new perspective on just how precious each gift of life actually is.

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