March 7, 2009


On March 1st, before David's parents left, we had the chance to baptize Joshua. It was a simple and meaningful ceremony, which gave us a chance to understand the sacrament a little more. We prepared ourselves by reading the book Baptism: a Celebration of Life by Benedictine monk Anselm Grun.  It was really interesting and shed a lot of light on the subject.  So, we'll share some quotes that we found to especially touch our hearts.  The quotes are our own translation of the Spanish version we read, so if you read the English version, you'll probably find some differences in wording.

"The task of the church today should be to celebrate Baptism in a way that through it, people sense the secret of their lives and know who they truly are."

"The child is cleansed of all that hides his true essence and is put in contact with the true source of life."

"In Baptism, we celebrate the mystery of the child... We must recognize that he does not only possess an earthly life, but also a divine life, where death no longer has power over him, because he is already part of the resurrection of Jesus."

"The rite opens our eyes so that we're able to see the child not only as the son of his parents and of the great human family, but rather as the child of God, in which God puts a new beginning and in it, something unique and particular shines in this world."

Anna's brother and his wife agreed to be the Godparents, but unfortunately, since we live on the other side of the world, weren't able to be physically present.  We're sure they'll be a great Christian example for little Joshua, as they are already doing a nice job with their own two kids and we're really happy that they accepted the role. Thanks Matt and Rachel!

Finally, after the celebration, David overheard a couple of kids talking about it and this was their take, "Did you hear that the tíos (aunt and uncle) baptized baby Joshua yesterday? Now he can't get the evil eye."  Thank goodness for that!

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