March 15, 2009

Bracing Ourselves

The summer is quickly disappearing and we're being sucked into the vacuum of the "Pastoral Year."  Things are about to get busy.  Life after Christmas is pretty much dedicated to relaxing and visiting relatives. Nothing happens in the churches because only two old ladies would show up to participate.  Things pick up around Easter and not gradually either. It's like the beginning jump ball in a basketball game and it doesn't end until NEXT December, when it all stops with the final bull horn of Christmas. Luckily, this year we're prepared with experience and are bracing ourselves with creative (and colorful) scheduling:

Don't worry - even if it were large enough to read, it wouldn't make any sense.  It's always difficult to make the various activities we're involved in fit into the availability of the community. Plus, now we have sweet little Joshua, who we would rather not drag around to all of our meetings.  However, we will prevail!  We will continue to creatively and colorfully schedule until it all fits.  Here's a list of the activities that need a time slot for this year:

Anna - Art Attack (crafts for kids), Painting classes at a local women's center, Art as Prayer workshop in the church

David - Basketball workshops for youth and a local drug rehab center, English classes and Drug/Alcohol Abuse Ministry

Shared - Youth Ministry (pre teens and teens) and Family Ministry

Monday is our day off.

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