January 26, 2010

Odds and Ends

We finished our course in Santiago and are now back in Iquique. Joshua really missed the dog and his Aunt Joanna here at home. He's been running around the house in a great mood, kissing the dog and saying new words every day. He even said his first sentence, "Eat ball." (meaning that he wanted to eat a peach, because he calls all round objects balls).

Going through all the photos on our computer, we came across these from last October, when we all dressed up for Halloween. Joshua and Anna were Batman and Robin and Anna's sister decided to go along with the super hero theme as well as "Super Cupcake." We had a lot of fun dressing up and Joshua even got some candy. Life is a lot more fun with a little boy.


Just Jac said...

How awesomely cute is that! One year my dad and Isaac dressed up as Buzz and Woody...seriously my favorite Halloween ever!

Gary said...

Great costumes! You guys go all out.