February 6, 2010

Youth Hostal

Lately, we seem to be running a youth hostel. When we arrived home from Santiago, we drove to Peru and dropped off Anna's sister, who will be travelling around with a friend. On our way out the door, we received a call from a youth we know from our old parish in Santiago. She had been backpacking with her two friends for two weeks and was just about to arrive to Iquique! So, we drove the five hours to Peru, ate some great ceviche, bought a pair of prescription eyeglasses for just $32, spent the night and drove back home the next morning. We were exhausted, but ready for house guests. After hosting the three of them for a few days, we then received another call. A family we know from Santiago was just about to send their 2 daughters off on a bus for Iquique along with a few friends. Could we please give them a place to stay? Since we had promised them a month ago that yes, they could stay with us, we had little choice. The five of them arrived today. We made a nice Chilean lunch (as Chileans are not commonly too fond of our north American cuisine) and sent them on their way to the beach. We then put Joshua down for a nap. Alone at last! With our new found freedom, we did the most exciting thing we could think of... we watched the season premier of Lost online. It was well worth the wait! Now, the only problem is that we have to wait five more days until the next episode. TORTURE!!


Juliana (Meri) said...

Hey guys-
It sounds like you have been busy keeping up with your Iquique Youth-Hostal...you are great at it...I remember when I was a guest in the Puente Alto location =)

I was happy to learn that you guys are LOST fans. We just finished watching season 5 and we can't wait to watch season 6 when we can download the whole thing. It's pure FUN.

Have a good week and thank you for sharing Joshua's naughty stories.

Love, Meri & Dan

Anna and David said...

Thanks Meri, we're thinking of charging people and using it as a fundraiser for the missions. Then, maybe we could BUY the Lost DVDs.