July 12, 2010

Surprise!! Visitors...

Our house has reached a hallmark event. We had 10 people and one dog sleeping here one night. It's a record for our 3 bedroom, one bathroom home. One family was a fellow lay missionary, her husband and two children. Her oldest daughter is three and Joshua had a great time playing with her. Matilda made her debut on this blog here. As soon as she walked in the door, Joshua's face lit up, and they then proceeded to squeal, hug, bang on pots, jump on the bed, kick a ball around, chase the dog and play just about every other fun game a 3 year old can think of. The second night of their visit, a friend from Santiago called sheepishly saying, "I'm on a bus about to arrive to Iquique and I need a place to stay." Since all of the beds were occupied, we offered her the couch. She accepted with a sigh of relief. The trip took longer than we thought and David went to pick her up from the bus stop at 2am! Surprisingly, he found not one, but three people to bring back! She had come with her husband and nephew as well. The three of them shared a couch and love seat. We're still not sure how, but they managed to sleep well without rolling onto the floor. Again, Joshua was thrilled to wake up and find three more friends to add to his antics. We'll probably have a couple more visitors before the end of the week, since this is winter vacation (and la Tirana) time. We're having a great time, along with Joshua, sharing with such good Chilean friends.

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