December 16, 2010

Another Long Week

Since checking in last, we've been continuing the same pattern of busyness. Last Sunday, we had our final parish-wide youth event. We gave our testimony about "Christian Life," but didn't do a very good job with it. We're not great public speakers - especially with large groups. The kids still enjoyed getting together with other youth. Our mainly boy group was very happy to realize that there is a chapel in the neighborhood next to ours full of pretty girls. We imagine that they will be much more enthusiastic about participating next year.

That night, we were invited to a birthday cookout. It was nice to go hang out with this particular family, since they are our co-padres. Joshua enjoyed himself too, since there were lots of other kids to play with.

On Monday morning, we woke up early to varnish the chapel. In its ten years of existence, it has only been varnished once, so the wood was very thirsty. We didn't finish until this afternoon and needless to say... it was exhausting! The kids showed up to help at first, but two days was their limit. We couldn't really blame them. After painting our days away, we spent our evenings with more families. We got together one last time with some neighbors that have been good friends. They'll be going on vacation before Christmas and so we had to push our goodbyes up a little bit. Tonight, we'll share with another family.

One week closer to home and one week sadder about leaving.

Proof that the boys did some work.

David defies heights on a really shifty ladder.

One of the men from the community. David helped him get into a rehab center about a year ago and he just graduated a couple of weeks ago. He helped us out since he is still looking for work. We're praying that he won't fall back into drugs.

All work days end in a soccer match. Joshua and Gringuita joined them, but they didn't get any goals.

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