November 2, 2008

A Little About Us

This is what we're looking like these days.

Our Dog "Gringuita"
During our first three years in Chile, we lived in an urban "población" called Puente Alto, which was overpopulated by both people and dogs. David found this lucky puppy outside of a meat market begging for food and fell in love instantaneously. She's been a great companion.

Our Backyard
We're both originally from Florida, where tropical rain and swamp land abound. So, the jump from the lightning capital of the world to the Atacama Desert was pretty shocking and surprisingly beautiful. David loves to trek up and down the sand dunes whenever he gets a chance. Anna, not so much.

Our Neighborhood
This is what Chileans call a "toma" where families take ("tomar") unoccupied land to live on in hopes that the government will eventually turn over ownership. These squatter communities build their houses with particle board, old box crates and other trashed items and do not have running water or electricity. This is the reality of many poor families in the area where we work and live.

Our House
Fortunately for us, the Columbans are generous and we don't have to live in a toma. We have the luxury of running water, electricity and an actual roof! All of the communities in Alto Hospicio, the city where we live, started out as tomas, but our particular area has grown so much that many neighbors already own their land and have been able to build decent homes little by little.

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thomas said...

Congratulations to Anna and David
and Joshua.
Blessings to you all.

Tom Glennon, SSC