November 14, 2008

The Week that Never Ends

We have our court date and we're anxiously awaiting the day that we will meet Joshua in person and bring him home.  November 20th - just six more days!  That is also Anna's dad's birthday, so we know it's an auspicious day.  The agency called us last week to inform us and we begged to be able to go and visit our son in his group home before hand.  We would have liked for him to be able to get to know us little by little - our smells, voices and mannerisms.  Also, we wanted to learn about his routines, so that the transition would be easier on him.  It must be a big shock to a baby to spend five months in one home and then be moved to a completely different place with new people.  However, it looks like the Little by Little Method will not be a possibility, as the earliest we're allowed to see him is the day before and just for an hour.  We're trying to keep ourselves as busy as possible in order to not think about it so much.  We've painted our entire house this week and are now moving on to repairing broken windows and other home improvements.  I think it's more an attempt to make time go faster than to make the house nicer, but it seems to be working.

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stephanie garcia said...

I am still amazed by this wonderful news! I would love to hear all about your process sometime. This is a precious time you will never forget!