April 9, 2010


On Sunday morning, we met with our pre-teen group. They were excited about Easter and really happy not to have to practice for Stations of the Cross any more. So, we had a fun day. Coloring pictures, playing ping-pong and playing a life-sized board game called "The Great Holy Week Game" that we found on the internet. We all went to mass after the group. David and one of the older youth hid chocolate eggs outside for the kids to find. The tradition here is to hunt for small chocolate eggs instead of plastic or real ones. We had the youngest kids hunt for eggs in a separate area. Joshua was really good at finding eggs, stuffing them in his mouth and biting down (tin foil covering intact) before David could get it out of his hand. All of the kids had a great time.

We have been blessed to begin this year with great participation from the youth. Please pray especially for our teens who are newly entering the Christian world. It really is a tough time in their lives and living here in Alto Hospicio, they are up against a lot of scary temptations. It is not easy for them to live a Christian life here and they need all the support they can get.

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