April 6, 2010

Good Friday

We decided to get the kids a little more involved in Holy Week this year. One way was to have our pre-teen group act out the Stations of the Cross. It was a crazy mess trying to get them organized. The night before the event, three kids backed out. So, we had to grab a couple of our "big" kids to help out... that's why Jesus is a few feet taller than the rest of them! In the end, it turned out well. Simple and humble, it reflected the community's best attributes.

Cardboard and Tin Foil at it's best.

The ever-present street dogs take on the Roman Army.

We were well accompanied by our newly ordained deacon and the Marist Brothers (with the guitar and microphone) who run an elementary school in our neighborhood.

Pilot interrogates Jesus.

Simon the Cyrean helps Jesus with the cross.

Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem (our girls cried really well).

A shot of Jesus on the cross. As you can see, we did not win the battle of getting him to take the tunic off in front of his friends and neighbors.

We ended in the chapel with Adoration of the Cross and a Communion Service.

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