April 7, 2010

Holy Saturday

After the two hour Stations of the cross on Friday afternoon, David ran the shared amplification system to another chapel and did another 2 hour Stations of the Cross. Then, he woke up at 6:30 am and took the youth group up the "hill" running from Iquique up to Alto Hospicio for a third Stations of the Cross. The man is dedicated. This "hill" is most definitely a mountain by Floridian definition. And it is composed of soft sand, causing feet to sink down deep with every step. Not an easy trek. Anna, while usually eager to suffer in the hot sun, stayed home with Joshua. Chilean youth in general love a good "caminata" (walk) and were thrilled to participate with the rest of the diocese in the climb. We were going to cancel the usual Saturday afternoon youth group meeting, but they asked us not to. Then, in order to blow us all away with their participation, they prepared the bonfire used in the Saturday night Easter Vigil and stayed for mass. We are still dazed from witnessing their Super Teen abilities.

Geering up with anticipation.

Fr. Mike Howe, a Columban who works with us in the parish, joined the kids. They really like the close relationship they have with the Columban priests. It makes a big difference!

We told you it wasn't a hill...

Sr. Leonor is a Mexican sister who works with us in the parish. She's here with the youth from her chapel.

A group shot near the top.

The kids insist on throwing up symbols with their hands in every photo, so David decided he would try to hang with the cool kids.

Getting down was apparently a lot of fun, including jumping, flipping and sliding down on their rears.

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