September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Today is Anna's maternal grandmother's 89th birthday. It seems impossible that a woman so active and independent could actually be that close to 90. Grandma likes to stay busy: she has a booming day lilly farm, she enjoys line dancing and she recently conquered email. When she discovers that there is something out there she doesn't know how to do, her usual response is to go down to the community center and take a class. She never stops learning and she has probably read everything at the public library - twice. Her energy sometimes shames us, her grandkids, since we usually tire out on the dance floor before her.

Grandma grew up in a Lutheran family in Ohio. She married my Italian Catholic grandfather and became an eager convert. She raised 12 kids, has more than 50 grandkids, and is now a great-great grandmother. She is very active in her church and helps run the thrift store that funds the St. Vincent de Paul Society in her community. The woman is unstoppable, so watch out Walter Bruening! Happy birthday Grandma! We love you so much and hope to live our lives half as well as you have. We can't wait to be there with her for 90. Here are a few pictures of her with Joshua when we last went home for a visit:

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