September 20, 2010

Our Last Dieciocho

We celebrated Chile's 200th year of Independence this weekend, and also our last Independence Day here on mission. We decided a short time ago that we would be going back home to the States this January. So, the word has been getting out slowly to our friends and neighbors. We spent the festivities visiting with different families in the community. We ate and drank well with chicha, Chilean wine, empanadas, and lots and lots of meat! Vegetarians don't do well in Chile. We're still celebrating actually, and planning another outing tonight, but are giving our stomachs a chance to rest a little before we head to the next party.

We dressed Joshua in a traditional Aymaran outfit, from the north of Chile. The harmonica isn't exactly part of the outfit, but he wouldn't let go of it all weekend.

In front of the flag, he continues his harmonica concert.

Joshua had a great time playing with all of the kids at our neighbor's house on Saturday.

Anna dressed up too, in a "Huasa" outfit, or a traditional country style dress. The dog didn't want to dress up, but did agree to pose pretty for this photo.

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Sarah said...

Looks like a wonderful time celebrating! Love your traditional outfit and excited to hear you're coming home. Onward to the next adventure!