September 28, 2010


What would two birthday posts be without a third? We can't help it that September is a popular month to be born. Today Anna turns 32 as well. One of the youth groups threw us a surprise party on Saturday. It was really sweet of them.

This is a picture that Anna drew, using pointillism, in honor of her art teachers Ms. Foell and Ms. Thompson. Anna finds it relaxing to make thousands of dots on a page with a sharpie.


stephanie garcia said...

Wow! I am so impressed with that picture and I had never even heard of the technique before. You are quite the talented one! :)

Anna and David said...

Thanks for the complement. Pointillism has been around for awhile. Eva might be interested in playing around with it. It was made famous by French painter George Seurat. His most recognized painting is probably "A Sunday afternoon on La Grande Jatte" seen here:,_Georges_Seurat,_1884.png